We recently had the opportunity to design a logo and website for NJ Inventor and Electrician Doug Warren who invented the Hide-a-Mount™ a solution to truly flush mount a TV to the wall.

Here is his press release


Flush-mount Your Flat-Screen TV with No Visible Hardware

Out-of-Sight™ Mounting Solutions announces the first TV wall mount that truly flush-mounts a large flat-screen with no unsightly bracket or hardware visible to clash with your décor.

“For those who care about interior design and ambience, existing bracket solutions just don’t cut it,” said Doug Warren, president and CEO of Out-of-Sight™ Mounting Solutions. “The TV always protrudes. Brackets described as giving you an ‘ultra-flush mount’ simply do not, and there’s no workable drop-down option to position your screen out and down past an extended mantel.”

Hide-a-Mount’s™ patent-pending pivot bracket and recessed enclosure are designed to work together with the MantelMount® brand drop-down TV mount. The combination holds your audiovisual system flush against the wall, but also allows you to lower it out and over a bookcase, cabinet or mantel to a comfortable, glare-free viewing height.

The ability of Hide-a-Mount™ to pivot top-to-bottom sets it apart from existing mounting brackets on the market, which pivot only left-to-right. After viewing, the Hide-a-Mount™ solution allows you to retract your TV screen back to its aesthetically pleasing position, as flush against the wall as a painting.

Uniquely designed for function plus visual appeal, Hide-a-Mount™ is the only solution on the market today that mounts a large flat-screen TV flush against your wall, chimney or bookcase, fully concealing all wires and brackets inside its recessed enclosure with nothing to detract from custom cabinetry or fireplace design.

The Hide-a-Mount™ solution has applications not only in residential settings, but also in hotel rooms, conference rooms and other public places where a truly ultra-flush installation is safer ― as well as more aesthetically pleasing ― than a protruding wall-mounted, sharp-cornered TV screen.

Hide-a-Mount™, combined with the MantelMount® solution, is gaining attention among:

  • Custom home builders
  • Interior architects and interior designers
  • Home theater builders
  • Home video installers
  • Home remodeling contractors
  • Hotel builders and remodelers
  • Custom fireplace builders
  • Custom cabinet builders
  • Custom modular home builders
  • Electronics retailers

MantelMount is a Trademark of Manehu Product Alliance, LLC. Hide-a-Mount is a Trademark of Out-of-Sight™ Mounting Solutions