Photography for Custom Home Builder

We had the pleasure to photograph a kitchen, for what we believe, is the best interior construction/design company in the Lehigh Valley.  Bob McGinty and his team over at LVIC are always doing exceptional work and are the most friendly group of people you will ever meet.  The photos have been taken for use on website , social media and in this case also for a magazine ad.

Why photography for custom builders and interior designers and architects?

Your ability to get new work will largely depend on photos that show the quality of your work. A professional architectural or real estate photographer should know what items should be in the shot and what not. They should know about the best lighting and how to showcase the project best. And than of course have the right equipment for the job. A cellphone or point and shoot will never give you the same results as a DSLR with professional grade lenses.

Photography for architects and interior designers

The shoot went well, the client was pleased and so was the home owner.

If you need a professional photographer in NJ to showcase your work, either for real estate photos or because you are an interior decorator or architect and you need photos for social media or Houzz feel free to give us a call and we will let your next project shine in the best light.