As a comprehensive, creative marketing, web and advertising agency, Flying Turtle Studio is often hired to take photos to support websites, print collateral and social media posts.   In the past using images purchased from stock image libraries was a common practice but now discerning customers are looking for the real deal…custom photography that shows who you are, what you do and why you’re better than your competition.

Lately we have been producing quite a bit of FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY and that’s just fine by us since this is one of our favorite subjects to shoot.  Not only do we enjoy and excel at food styling and staging, but sampling the dishes at shoot completion is just icing on the cake (no pun intended) for us!


When a potential customer arrives at your website seeing ho-hum, or worse yet, unappetizing photos, can be a real turn-off.  Flying Turtle Studio provides restaurant owners with tantalizing images that truly showcase their dishes, in the best light possible, with crisp, vibrant colors.  We want visitors to think “Now I’m really hungry” or “Yes please” when they browse photos of your menu selections


We have created some truly spectacular food photography for dining establishments not only here in NJ but also in surrounding areas like the Lehigh Valley and New York City.  It’s one of our specialties here at Flying Turtle Studio.   If you are ready to show the world the best culinary creations your restaurant offers, hire the experts at Flying Turtle Studio today.