The Blue Corn Grill

Having build a fair share of restaurant websites for clients in NJ and the Lehigh Valley, it was a real pleasure to design the Blue Corn Grill Website. They are not just clients but also neighbors and long before we even started working with Alex and Lily, the owners of the restaurant , we actually ate at the restaurant as regular guests.

In addition we also were able to show off our skills and supply the restaurant with what we believe great food photography that really shows the off the colors of the ingredients in mexican cooking and makes your mouth water.

That we where able to eat most of what we photographed was an added bonus for us. So if you are in Milford NJ and are in the mood for Mexican Food , go check out the Blue Corn Grill.

Should you need a website designed here in NJ or the Lehigh Valley for a restaurant or any other buisiness, or if you like to show off your cooking skills, we are happy to supply you with some tasty food photography

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